Writing and Editing by Katie Stirner

I’ve been writing with my name as my byline for Vine and Medium; if you’re looking to get into editing or proofreading, I’ve got a whole series going on how to get and keep and enjoy your first gigs in that arena.

I’m also having a LOT of fun writing as Ann Hedonia. She’s got the sample chapters of Elektra’s Revenge finished and will be sending out queries; the rest of the manuscript is available, to interested publishers, but has not quite been blended into the re-edit of the first few chapters yet. I’ve had a couple of good readers (David Wolin, Anita Dalton) go over it for me and I am working in the changes. Look for it in the next year or so, or get in touch if you’re interested in being the publishing house that gets fabulously rich off this unique piece of dystopian fiction blended with space opera.

And here’s a sample of a piece I’ve edited for print, scanned in:



Heisman 1

Heisman 2





Heisman 3Heisman 4Heisman 5

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